How to reduce belly fat with Waist Trainer from 48′’ to 32′’ in 55 days spending $5 ?


Trust me I have tried everything under the sun to reduce my waist to get into my favorite red dress for Christmas Eve, and I am sure you also have came across those self-awareness moments in life when you realize that you have reached a line of  no return. Looking at myself in mirror was throwing me in depression and I don’t know how you curb your anxiety but I generally get myself indulge in eating more than I should be irrespective of what the repercussion would be. Anyways, I started counting days to Christmas and vigorously hounding net to find the effective article or case study which has proven the myth of reducing belly fat or waist quickly without risking my health. So my search was “How to reduce belly fat?” and I ended up with crash Dieting, slimming drinks, pills and cutting carbs all are well tested, and I am a huge failure on that. So, I decided to consider home remedies, Ayurveda to seek some insight on how this can be done in a safer way. It boils down to 2 things, a magical potion and exercise. So, I start digging into this magical potion first and found that many people are really getting benefitted through this and it is easily available household item which we use everyday in our day to day cooking. Yeah that’s true, it’s Lemon and Ginger. So coming straight to the point, how we make this potion, Steps are very simple:

           Take 2 average size yellow Lemon and around 5 grams of ginger (If organic that’s the best)

          Grate Lemon’s shell (yellow skin only), it will be around a small cup

          Grate ginger

          Take 4 cups of water and start boiling

          Mix grated Lemon and ginger in the boiling water and let it boil for around 10 minutes or till the water reduce to 2 cups

          Use filter to get the concoction, its ready to drink now

Please don’t throw the peeled lemon I carry it along with me in a bottle and drink it by refilling warm water in it. It’s just like flushing your fat slowly using lemon as a catalytic agent. I find it refreshing and better than those diet cokes and sodas which I used to gulp around 3 – 4 in a day. So, I have cut around 1500 calories and 50 mg sugar from my diet on everyday basis by doing a small shift in my lifestyle. Try it it’s worth a shot.

Caution: Please refrain using it if you have any previous stomach related ailment

This concoction should be the first thing in morning and time duration from your breakfast should be around 30 minutes. Benefits which I got from this were glow in skin, bowl movement got improved and I started feeling less stuffy throughout the day and reduction in weight from my midsection area which is the most stubborn part to reduce.

Other key steps which has accelerated my journey towards smaller waist was:

          4 days cardio exercise for 30-45 minutes which includes brisk walk, running and ellipticals

          And using my waist trainer has helped a lot in keeping my focus area as midsection of my belly to reduce faster

          Wearing Waist trainer daily for around 2 to 3 hours is like always in cardio mode and help me to reduce faster

And guess what, by thanks giving I have achieved my goal of 32 inches waist and all this in just 55 days and I still have time to shape up my looks. My whole journey to healthy way of loosing weight has uplifted my confidence and now I am more watchful about what I am eating and where I should stop. But this doesn’t mean that I am totally taken out those yummy chocolates or ice creams from my list. I still get myself indulged into that but to a limited extent just once a week and I make sure that I should compensate that with Salads, fruits, magic potion and exercising with my waist trainer on. So just for those cost conscious folks how much it usually cost me every month.

          A bag of Lemon from Costco(around 16-20 big size Lemon, one is good for a day concoction) cost $7.00, if you don’t want to store that many I would suggest you to buy it from Trader’s Joe at around $1.50 (has around 8 small size Lemons). 2 bags would be sufficient for a week (trader joe Lemons are smaller in size, 2-3 per concoction is required)

          Best organic ginger you will get it from Costco or Whole Foods cost around $6 to $9 which will last for a month

          An average waist trainer will range from $10.99 to $30, you can try this place I found it reasonable with good quality

          Monthly gym subscription or just running outside with your waist trainer on would be the best way to get the fresh air to elevate your mood, I prefer running or brisk walk of around 45 mins outside

So, everything boils down to around $5 per week and one-time cost of waist trainer would be around $10.99 (if you want to go with the least expensive one, as I started with this and found reasonably good). This will summarize your cost around $22 per month to start your journey to reduce your waist to 32 inches or beyond and start looking gorgeous and confident again.

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